Ramgen and Janelle Sex Scandal

Another sex video scandal goes viral and captures the attention of many netizens! This time, it's a video of the late actor Ramgen Revilla with his girlfriend Janelle Manahan!

The said video shows Ramgen and Janelle doing intimate scene in a shower room! It was uploaded in Facebook by an unknown source. But due to violation of Facebook's rules and regulations pertaining to sex and nudity, the said video was deleted!

Later on, the video was uploaded in YouTube but because of the same reason, it was also deleted!

They say that the sex video was taken by Ramgen himself with permission from Janelle! The person who uploaded the said scandal is still not yet traced! But according to many, it was from persons close to them! They uploaded the video for the sake of revenge!

Ramgen Revilla was brutally murdered on October 2011 while girlfriend Janelle Manahan was also shot twice but survived the attack. The real mastermind of the crime is still unknown and investigations were still on-going!

So sad that even though Ramgen is now resting in peace and his girlfriend is suffering, a video like this is surfacing the internet!

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15 comments for "Ramgen and Janelle Sex Scandal"

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  2. teach me how to dougie..

  3. it just shows how they are close to each other then suddenly disappeared...for sure brothers and sisters of ramgen are the one who uploaded this..

  4. r.i.p ramgen tagam

  5. IYOT IYOT pa!

  6. kopya kopya na...baka burahin na ito ...

  7. Yan ang napapala ng malilibog na artista hehe... tignan niyo si George Estregan, Pesi Paloma, Sarsi Emmanuelle... sarap pabatihin sila mga pare...

    Copy niyo na ito baka burahin pa nila...

    YES ITS FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES...Fun to fuck! Enjoy our women..they are tight and small pussies.. normal tits but succulent nipples!!

  8. nice. it's more fun in the philippines

  9. mga inggetero talaga mga kapatid ni ramgen,,
    kala mo mga walang bahong tinatago...
    mha p***ng i** pala nila ehh..
    trip nilang magsex ingget..
    gawa na lang din sila.. taz upload nila mga t***i** nila

  10. pano i copy

  11. nice diversion... naaliw nman kami.. ang wais nyo nman.. di rin masyado halata eh, noh? we still think may kinalaman pa rin 'mga kapatid ni ramgen, mga tanga.

  12. ano meron?


  14. ang galing ni janelle pwede ng maging pornstar

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